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    Free Customer Training Guide

    Thank you for purchasing terkkin laser-related products, and to ensure your safe and efficient use of the equipment, we will provide you with free and complete training. Be sure to send technicians to terkkin Laser Headquarters for standardized training before using terkkin laser equipment. After passing the training, you can obtain the certificate of completion and hold the certificate, so as to ensure the safety of the machine and operators in the production process, to improve the work efficiency, and to give full play to the efficiency of the machine.

  • Training Appointment

    After signing the order contract, we can contact our customer service personnel to make a training appointment.

  • Headquarters Registration

    After receiving the training appointment information, we will arrange the training place and date according to the actual situation. At the specified time, the students to attend the training will come to our headquarters to register, and our company will arrange food and board.

  • Arrange training

    Complete standardized technical training at Terkkin Headquarters

  • Theory and practical operation

    Professional teachers conduct and carry out theoretical training and practical training.

  • Graduation and Final Training

    After passing the theory and practical examination, the students can obtain the certificate of completion and work with the certificate.

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