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    Group Brand
  • 1
    Registered capital (100 million)
  • 2020
    Set the time
  • 8
    Factory area (10,000 square meters)
  • 2000
    Annual capacity (sets)
  • 300
  • Introduction of Terkkin

    Zhejiang TerkkinLaser Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, was founded in 2010 by a number of returnee doctors. It is a Sino-British cooperative enterprise initiated by Terkkin Future Technologies and TerkkinTechnology Industry Group. UK Terrkin and Twistwhale Laser has many years of advanced laser application manufacturing technology for intelligent manufacturing industry areas.

    Terkkin focuses on Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing solutions. The main production of metal laser cutting equipment laser welding equipment, intelligent unmanned manufacturing equipment. Complete product series, leading technology, laser maximum application power up to 30000W, is the intelligent factory overall customization expert. The current phase I and phase II plant area (under construction) total 80,000 square meters, the annual capacity of up to 2000 sets, the existing staff of 300 people, including nearly 100 technical personnel, distributed in the East China region of the top laser research and development center. Terkkin laser business is based in East China, covering the whole country, and reach Europe, North America and other global business.

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